jueves, 7 de junio de 2007

Imperial War Museum - Manchester, Inglaterra

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Eamonn Canniffe dijo...

I was interested in your photo-survey of the IWM. Unfortunately the medium can't fully document the banality of its urban situation. Nevermind.

You might be interested in the films on
where I have compiled some of the work of my students. Your interests coincide with theirs- maybe you should link to it or embed some of the films in your site?

Santiago Miret dijo...

Thanks for your comment Mr. Cannife.

The films at your page are great, of course I´m interested on them. I also had publish some of them on this blog, at the right column.

The born objetive of Arqhoy.blogspot.com was to help students understand the architecture today. In fact this page is more a service for them than a place for the critic. Although the critic is welcome.

I´m adding your blog to the list of Arquitectura Hoy. I hope it would be another important source of information and discovery!

Thanks again for your comment, and keep tune for new updates.


Xavi dijo...

Impresionante esta obra de Libeskind...
Enhorabuena por el blog!


Xavi dijo...

By the way... I'm an Architecture student in Barcelona...

Emi dijo...


Emi dijo...

what did you think about my project?